Day-Mare by The Dreamatist

Just had one of those awesome days that don’t come knocking every day. wrote a beatnik poem to celebrate.


and the light came in through the taxi cab window
and it was leaf shaped and steamy on the glass
and I was late as usual- asked for so many wrong directions
till a postman found me- and jumped in my cab-and knew my destination by heart
and the day-mare deepened in the lucid dream- there were stairs and dark passages

and then it was words
and faces illuminated by office lamps
and the sane sane sound of exchange
and the drip drip drone of the whirring fan
and the words “yes” and “for sure” and all those affirmative insubstantialities that mean…

and the train was full of odd smells and wet feet
and the handshake was embarrassed at its own familiarity
and my half digested tea stirred itself like witches brew inside
and Nina Simone crawls out of her grave dressed in velvet
and the saxophones made of bone play “I’m feeling Good”

and I’m feeling Good
and I’m feeling Good
and I’m feeling Good


~ by remainsofthedesi on August 9, 2007.

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