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~ by remainsofthedesi on August 7, 2007.

12 Responses to “THE SUICIDE OF FRIDA KAHLO- by Trek Thunder Kelly”

  1. This is pretentious crap. Disrespecting a TRUE artist will not gain you any respect.

  2. Since I wasn’t sure what you were saying I’d appreciate it if you would clarify. I am always interested in strong reactions.

    If you were saying that the image posted here is crap then:

    I think if an image provokes any sort of strong reaction it is doing its job as a piece of art. It may be a piece of crap but perhaps that is sometimes the function of good art. To make us react. I myself am a huge fan of Frida Kahlo and her work has been very important in my life. But she had a tremendous sense of humour and liked to play with gender, so I imagine she would have enjoyed this image of herself, though I’m not sure if she would classify it as very important.

    If you were saying that my site is pretentious crap then:

    I thank you humbly…as crap is a thing I am very partial to… as it is the thing most likely to fall out of human mouths…and you couldn’t be more correct in calling me pretentious…for I find honesty to be impossible, and I agree with Lacan when he says that “the undeluded are kidding themselves…”

    Looking forward to your next visit…

    the dreamatist…

  3. awesome! i love it!

  4. i agree, this is crap. where’s the creativity? you just copy/pasted 2 already existing ideas… there isn’t any more room for stupid andy warholl-like shit or taking a urinal and calling it art. it is also disrespectful of a real artist.

  5. Why is art defined as art if it creates a reaction? That’s the dumbest, most simplistic descirption that someone can use to define what art is. The people who are guilty of this cliche are most often people who are criticized for their work of art or recieve negative responses and lean on this weak excuse for art which carries no depth, on thought, no real idea other than to gage other people’s reactions. Further to this, it demonstrates the shallowness of the artist.

    On the subject of the picture above, however, it would probably have a better reception if it wasn’t a Calvin Klein ad, or any sort of ad, plain and simple.

  6. awesome.

  7. Hi there mate, I am kin of arts, and I appreciates all possible artistic manifestations, but I found this funny instead of artistic, actually it doesn`t meant much to me I´m mexican and my grandmother used to told me about Diego and Frida cause she meet them when she was a child and “Coyacan” (were they lived) is one of my favorites places and I really really find this nonsense. Of course you will have your fundaments but certainly that`s what I miss about art (everybody ccould understand it), nowaday artists must explain their work.

  8. Silly puppet afraid of anyone to read the comments … jajaja you even mention the RSPECTFUL ARTIST. And that makes me know that you are a fake artist … and I don`t talk about the money you made or the number of galleries you pop up, I talk about your prick mentallity… and if you really want to be kidding yourseen why don`t you take your paints and draw a selfportrait in wich we are able to see you copying (in your verry style) Dolce & Gabbana 2009 advertising collection, and I promise everyone will catch it. And if you think a goal in art is to upset people you are doing great! eventhou is more like “funny photoshop nonsense crap for the internet” jajajajajajaaa… The tecnic is not bad but is NONSENSE crap (es una mamada muy pendeja wey!)

  9. A strong reaction could be you farting at your best friend funeral… 😀

  10. I love this and I think I love you…or at least your attitude towards ignorant criticism. This piece is something that she would’ve definately enjoyed and I think that she would consider it at least partiallly significant. keep provoking us


  11. wow- who knew this little post of mine would provoke such a reaction. But let me clarify that I did not make this image. I merely found it on the web and brought it here because this site is a place where I go to put mixed up thoughts, phrases, songs, and things that bring dreams to mind. Enjoying everyone thoughts though… I’m quite surprised at how much this image has struck a nerve or a chord somewhere…

    dream on…the dreamatist

  12. listen I see your point and why you think that this isn’t really that disrespectful but to conserve the mutual respect we have for each other is best that u take it off altho I do apreciate the fact that you did this with a reason but to be honest I doupt u ever met her so just in case you don’t know if she would it actually got offended by this picture.

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