KUON- my favorite PS2 gaming nightmare

Got completely addicted to this game with medieval Japanese shamans, spirits, and strange mutant silk worms. Incredible animation and a story that sucks you into its dream world till your daily life seems inhabited by nothing else but gakis (zombies) yamabitos (spirits) and the adrenaline pushing you forward to figure out the mystery.

The evil twins sing an haunting song and make a remark about people inside a wicker chest who are undergoing the ritual, “dreaming a long dream”.That song stayed in my head for ages and my cousin sisterinlaw who was taking turns on the gaming console with me would sort of creep eachother out by humming it in dark hallways…

here’s the freaky title screen intro:

here’s a video made by a fan who actually liked the game enough to write a love song about it. He says on youtube

Very stupid Kuon song.
The video is pointless.
I like Kuon. This is my love song.
It’s really bad. I suck.

I think its damn sweet and he’s got a nice voice. for kuon fans by Tom Peters…


~ by remainsofthedesi on August 5, 2007.

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